What a fantastic tool!

Have you ever wondered what is taking up space on your computer but didn't want to spend time drilling down into folders to find things to delete or relocate to cloud storage? Look no further. WinDirStat is a throwback. Similar to TreeSizeFree, it helps you visualize what is taking up space on your PC. There are versions available for MacOS (Disk Inventory X) and Linux (KDirStat) that do identical or similar things.

Software with this kind of simple interface, great UI (it's got little pac-man characters running around as its loading screen), is easy to understand and can be installed to help even novice users better understand their storage scenario. Have you ever heard of Sysinternals? If not, it's time to get educated.

In 1996, Mark Russinovich created his website to distribute easily downloadable system utility tools. Since then it has blossomed into a blog, he's got YouTube videos, and be sure to check out the Learning Resources page.

Microsoft even has a page dedicated to him and his tools.

This tool is invaluable for taking the data visualization a step further and color codes all the kinds of data that you have taking up space on your machine. In other situations, an individual might want to know if data is left on a drive before doing something permanent like deleting files or formatting! You may realize that you don't need so many video files, or you realize that .iso image of Kali was hiding on this partition all along.

The best part, this program comes with an open source license. As long as you do not try to modify it for your own gain, it's free! If it doesn't spark joy, what is it doing on your hard drive? Happy deleting!