Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing!

I hope you aren't saving anything in any of your accounts that you think a password will protect! Maybe you've heard of quantum computers, the powerful, expensive and complex machines that will one day make all of our passwords obsolete. Really it will just change cryptography for the better. Lets take a random walk to discuss.

As it stands, across the world from American Tech Companies to State Sponsored research facilities, the new "Space Race" is in quantum computing. QC is an abstraction of computing using the collective properties of quantum states to perform computation. In lay terms, quantum computers are the next generation of the most powerful calculators. They can process instructions multitudes faster, with less energy, what would take classical computers years to calculate.

The worlds most powerful tech companies are racing to delivery quantum computing solutions to businesses and governments. Here are some of the biggest names:

  1. IBM

  2. Microsoft Azure

  3. Amazon AWS

  4. Strangeworks

  5. 1qbit

  6. ColdQuanta

  7. ISARA

  8. QC Ware

  9. Q CTRL

  10. D-Wave

The technology is being implemented all over the world, in most places now it's reminiscent of early motor racing. Governments and private companies jockeying for the best and brightest engineers, paying huge amounts of money for highly volatile investments in technology that may not pan out. Even if these large cash expenditures are successful, it may only lead to a nominal gain in knowledge or in bragging rights.

Just think 50 years ago we barely had pong. Now we're able to able to virtually dance in someone's living room across the world. I imagine that by the time I'm ready to enter a nursing home, cell phones will be much more powerful than these. That is if we don't all have cybernetics instead! What do you think? Will quantum computers be able to help in your field?